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When a death occurs in your family, it is important to contact your preferred Funeral Director immediately, we can advise you of the correct procedures to follow.

Most deaths will occur by natural causes, in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities or at the family home. In most of these cases, a Medical Certificate of ‘Cause of Death’ will be issued by your attending doctor.

There are times however, when an unexpected or sudden death may occur, for no apparent reason, and a Medical Certificate of ‘Cause of Death’, cannot be issued.

In this situation the removal of your loved one cannot take place, until the police are notified, and instructions given. The police will attend and assess the situation and may authorise the government contracted undertaker to have the deceased person transferred to the Cairns Hospital mortuary, to establish the Cause of Death.

Once the Coroner has issued an order for burial or cremation, funeral arrangements can take place, by the funeral director of your choice. Queensland Legislation states that you are under no obligation to use the government contracted undertaker.

Most families will call the Funeral Director at the time of death; however, some families will call in advance when their loved one is low, or death is imminent.

The call made by the family to our funeral home informs us, your chosen funeral home, to be prepared for notification of your loved one’s imminent passing.

It is standard procedure for all Nursing Homes and Palliative Care facilities to enquire of a family, their choice of Funeral Director, at the time of admission to that facility.

If a loved one is receiving medical treatment away from your home town and passes away, we have the infrastructure to transfer a deceased person to our facilities either by road or air.

This can be discussed preceding or upon the death of your loved one. We also provide international airline repatriation outside of Australia.

A simple phone call to our Funeral Home to arrange your needs is the first step in assisting your family when a death occurs or is imminent.

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Planning a Funeral on one of the most difficult days of your life and we the Funeral Directors are here to guide, support, arrange and conduct the service that will create a lasting memory of your Loved One for you.

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We are a well-respected and trusted local Funeral Home, established in 1981. We continue to be committed in providing the community and their families, professional, dignified and affordable funeral care.

Why pre-arrange?

We insure our homes and possessions in case of an untoward event. Pre-arranged Funeral planning is in a similar way, an assurance that our inevitable passing is planned for.

Tribute centre

We provide a tribute centre for our communities past loved ones. You will also find our live streaming services here if you cannot attend the service personally.

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At Heritage Brady Funeral Directors we ensure this important moment is covered with the utmost respect and dignity. Since 1981 we have been privileged to serve our local community and walked this journey with you.

We appreciate this moment in your life and will always assist in every way possible.