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Eulogy Planning

As part of most funeral ceremonies, someone (a family member, Minister or Celebrant) shares an abbreviated life story of the deceased person. This is called “The Eulogy” from the Greek word “to speak well of”. Often it is difficult to know what to include and what to leave out.

Generally speaking, the main eulogy should include:

  • A brief history pf the life of the deceased
  • Some personal characteristics or achievements

Some families ask us to create a Slideshow Photo Presentation as a living Eulogy. Sometimes a second eulogy is brought from a grandchild, lifetime friend or work associate. Some people choose to present this as a letter read to their deceased loved one.


  • Personality
  • Character
  • Beliefs or Philosophies
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Personal Memories (Cooking, fishing)
  • Famous sayings and habits
  • Humour is appropriate also in Eulogies
  • Education history, school or further education

Brief History

  • Name, Nickname, Place of Birth
  • Father’s name, Mother’s name (Maiden name)
  • Place in the family (eldest, youngest)
  • Siblings, Family situation in childhood
  • Work History
  • Marriage at age, to whom and where
  • Children born
  • Circumstances of death (if appropriate)

A check list for the person responsible for the affairs of the deceased person

  • Solicitor
  • Centrelink
  • Superannuation funds
  • Medicare
  • Australian taxation office
  • Banks or building societies
  • Finance companies
  • Companies for directorship
  • Department of transport
  • Employee association
  • Trade unions
  • Service Club/Organisations
  • Ex-service associations

More things to consider:

  • Hospitd, Dentist, GP, Pharmacy
  • Australia post
  • Electoral office
  • Local Government (rates)
  • Meals on wheels
  • Electricity, Gas, Phone
  • Home appliance rental
  • Gardening services
  • Domiciliary nurses
  • Accountant
  • Insurance companies
  • Heath benefit funds
  • church
  • Home assist

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What should I do?

When a death occurs in your family, it is important to contact your preferred Funeral Director immediately, we can advise you of the correct procedures to follow.

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Planning a Funeral on one of the most difficult days of your life and we the Funeral Directors are here to guide, support, arrange and conduct the service that will create a lasting memory of your Loved One for you.

Why pre-arrange?

We insure our homes and possessions in case of an untoward event. Pre-arranged Funeral planning is in a similar way, an assurance that our inevitable passing is planned for.

Tribute centre

We provide a tribute centre for our communities past loved ones. You will also find our live streaming services here if you cannot attend the service personally.

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