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Heritage Brady Funeral Directors offer caring, compassionate and dignified care to those who have entrusted us with their most precious possession... their loved ones.



All local Councils offer many different options when burial is intended. Cairns Regional Council manage cemeteries at:

  • Martyn Street
  • Cairns City
  • Forest View Memorial Park
  • White Rock
  • Gordonvale
  • Babinda

Other local Councils on the Tablelands, Innisfail and Tully also offer may different and varied options. The common choices are Lawn Plaque, Lawn Headstone, Mausoleum and Monumental.


Heritage Brady Funeral Directors have their own private Crematorium on site at our Maher Road premises. Today, cremation is becoming a more popular choice to burial. Careful family consideration should be given before any decision is made. You are most welcome to visit our premises by appointment where our professional caring staff can explain these service options with you.


Embalming of the person who has died in Australia is more a specific requirement due to circumstances, rather than a part of the usual process. The following circumstances govern the necessity for embalming and preservation of the deceased person:

  • Air travel within Australia or Overseas
  • When a significant amount of time will lapse between death and the funeral service
  • A family’s choice because of religious or cultural beliefs

Our mortuary is fully equipped with the latest embalming equipment and a fully qualified embalmer, should this procedure be required. In most cases, normal refrigeration, which is provided by fully accredited well established Funeral Homes is our standard management procedure.



Why choose us?

Across Australia today there are currently no Legal requirements for Funeral Service providers to be licensed. There is also no form of regulation in place regarding funeral care, standards for funeral home premises, associated facilities, equipment or professional staff training. So, how does one choose a Funeral Home that will reassure and provide peace of mind.

What should I do?

When a death occurs in your family, it is important to contact your preferred Funeral Director immediately, we can advise you of the correct procedures to follow. Most deaths will occur by natural causes, in hospitals, nursing homes, aged care facilities or at the family home. In most of these cases, a Medical Certificate of ‘Cause of Death’ will be issued by your attending doctor.

Arranging the funeral

We believe our role as Funeral Directors is to facilitate the funeral to suit the needs of the bereaved. Each person is unique in personality, likes and dislikes, therefore no two funerals will be the same, nor should they be. It is a very special time and most important, that the ceremony be such that it centres around the life of the deceased and creates a positive and lasting memory for the family to treasure forever.

Call when needed

At Heritage Brady Funeral Directors we ensure this important moment is covered with the utmost respect and dignity. Since 1981 we have been privileged to serve our local community and walked this journey with you.

We appreciate this moment in your life and will always assist in every way possible.

70-76 Maher Road Gordonvale Qld 4865

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