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Heritage Brady Funeral Directors offer caring, compassionate and understanding assistance, to those who have entrusted us with their most precious possession, their loved ones … it’s a privilege and indeed an honour to serve.

Our services and facilities include:

  • Trained staff to organise funerals locally throughout North Queensland, interstate, overseas and to advise on all aspects of funeral service.
  • Liaison with Clergy and Celebrants to co ordinate the requirements of all faiths, denominations, cultures and traditions.
  • Infrastructure to transfer the deceased to our Funeral Home, 24 hrs a day.
  • Private arrangement offices, viewing rooms and air conditioned chapel.
  • Obtain and complete all necessary documentation for the funeral, and to register the death with the Registrar General in Brisbane.
  • Preparation of funeral and death notices, including the insertion of clubs and organizations, for newspapers, locally, interstate and overseas.
  • Arrange ordering of Floral Tributes, and order of service Booklets.
  • Martyn Street CemetaryAssistance in obtaining discount air fares for family of bereaved to travel to the funeral.
  • Provision of National Flag, poppies, Last Post etc for Veterans.
  • Selection of appropriate music from our music library.
  • Provision of mourning car to transport family to the service.
  • Provision of a Memoriam Booklet for all standard Funeral Services.

You can make funeral arrangements at our Funeral Home, alternatively, we are happy to come to you at home.

When you choose a Burial

All local Councils offer many different options when burial is intended. Cairns City Council manages cemeteries at Martyn St, Forest View, Gordonvale, and Babinda and the common choices are Lawn Plaque, Lawn Headstone, and Mausoleum/Monumental.

When a Cremation is intended

The Cairns Crematorium & Memorial Gardens provides a beautiful tranquil setting where all who visit may take quiet inspiration. In today’s society, cremation is becoming a more popular alternative. Careful family consideration should be given before any decision is made. You are most welcome to visit the Cairns Crematorium & Memorial Gardens by appointment, where the friendly and caring staff will explain the services and options they are able to offer.


Embalming of the person who has died in Australia is more a specific requirement due to circumstances, rather than a part of the usual process.

The following circumstances govern the necessity for the embalming and preservation of the deceased:

  • Air travel within Australia and overseas.
  • Where a significant amount of time will elapse before the funeral.
  • Where a family elects, because of cultural or religious beliefs, to have their loved one at home for more than one day.
  • In most cases, normal refrigeration, which is provided by most well established Funeral Homes, takes care of any problems.


Disbursements are costs that we pay on your behalf. Heritage Brady Funeral Directors accept these charges as part of the total account, simply to assist you as a family, to concentrate on each other and the day, rather than attending to many small details.

Disbursement may include the following:

  • The cost of Cremation.
  • Clergy or Celebrants fees.
  • Newspaper Notices.
  • Musician’s fees.
  • Certificates.
  • Purchasing and preparing a grave site.
  • Church costs.
  • Floral tributes.
  • Road transport costs.
  • Goods and services tax.

Care of Your Loved One

We pride ourselves on traditional quality service, and this incorporates dignified treatment of your loved one in our preparation room. Our mortuary staff are fully trained in the care of your loved one and are able to carry out all preparations as deemed necessary. At Heritage Brady Funeral Directors you can be assured that your loved one is in the care of professionally trained staff and cared for in the best premises and conditions available. We take great pride in our mortuary care and are able to perform important details such as dressing of your loved one, presentation for viewing if required, and the placement of special items as required by the family.

Coffins and Caskets

We recognise that everyone’s needs and tastes are different. Coffins & Caskets are available in the simple basic lines, through the mid- range coffins, up to the most lavish caskets. Our policy is to provide you with a wide and varied selection.

At Heritage Brady Funeral Directors you will not be under any pressure to choose expensive lines, however they are available, should you require them. The choosing of a coffin or casket is a difficult and highly emotional issue, our staff can assist you with this, allowing you plenty of time to make your selection.

Our Vehicle Fleet

We are very proud of our fleet of hearses and transfer vehicles for our clients. We pride ourselves on the condition of our vehicles and feel that it is only fitting that these have immaculate presentation. We have two Ford LTD stretch silver hearses. Our mourning car is available upon request.

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